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Linda A Macaulay
Professor of System Design / Manchester Business School
The University of Manchester, Booth Street East, M15 6PB


M.Sc e-business module: reference
Digital Ecosystems Research Vision: 2010 and beyond


B.Sc IT Management for Business
 Introduction to Co-operative Requirements Capture


B.Sc . 1st Year Integrative Team Project
Requirements Engineering, ISBN 3-540-76006-7, Macaulay, L.A., 1996, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, (202 pages)
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Service as External Examiner since 2001 at:
Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool (M.Sc. Information Technology, delivered by e-learning)

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Malaya, (M.Sc. Information Technology) 

Department of Computer Science, University of Hull (B.Sc)

Masters in e-Business Technology
This MSc programme equips the students with the skills in analysis, design and development of e-business application systems. Possible career paths for the students upon successful completion of the programme include e-business analysis and design, solutions development, and web service development and web site design. 

Among other taught courses offered in this programme are e-business and Patterns for e-business Applications, which directly address the services science agenda. The e-business course teaches the students the following components: (1) e-business infrastructure and strategy; (2) supply chain management and e-procurement; (3) customer relationship management; (4) e-marketing; (5) collaborative commerce; (6) case studies. The Patterns for e-business Applications course teaches the students the following components: (1) relationships between business requirements and e-business application architectures; (2) relationships between business drivers and technologies; (3) IBM’s Patterns for e-business as solutions for e-business application system design; (4) relationships between business processes and IBM Patterns; (5) real world case studies.

e-Business course unit M.Sc e-Business Technology
Professor Macaulay teaches the e-Business Module within the Masters in e-Business Technology degree. 
The modules aims are:
To investigate state of the art in e-Business from both a theoretical and practical standpoint
To examine a new and emerging e-Business models through studying real life cases
To examine e-Business solutions and how they affect Business to Business and Business to Consumer applications
To examine the emerging patterns for e-Business 

B.Sc. IT Management for Business
Professor Macaulay is the Programme Director for the new ITMB degree being offered by Manchester Business School from September 2007. The undergraduate degree is sponsored by e-Skills UK and was designed in collaboration with business partners. The Manchester degree has a strong emphasis on global team working, supported by a state of the art electronic meeting room. Students will learn how to apply IT to business problems and how to manage global IT teams and IT projects.


Services Science at Manchester paper by Macaulay and Zhao presented at the Education for the 21st Century conference at IBM Palisades in October 2006

IBM’s Services, Sciences, Management, and Engineering (SSME) agenda proposes an emerging, multidisciplinary field that integrates a variety of technical and business fields under a general concept of “services”. One important idea of the SSME agenda is innovative design in the 21st century. This paper presents our SSME related activities around innovative business and curriculum design. Our business design focuses on IBM’s Patterns for e-business whereas our curriculum design aims at providing students with new skills. These two activities are cross-fertilized owing to our collaborations with IBM through IBM Faculty Awards and the Strategic Partner Programme.


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