about Linda Macaulay

Linda A Macaulay
Professor of System Design / Manchester Business School
The University of Manchester, Booth Street East, M15 6PB

Research Projects and Funding

Developing a Virtual Community for Student Groupwork

Duration:2 years (1996 1998)
Funding body:JISC Technology Applications Programme
Project effort:2 person years
Grant value:183,000
Industrial collaboration:Marks and Spencer
Co-investigator:Professor Paul Layzell (Department of Computation), Dr. Pearl Brereton, Keele University, Dr. Cornelia Boldeyref, Durham University.
The aim of this project was to develop experience in providing, monitoring and evaluating computer support for distributed group projects in software engineering. The project is run by the Computer Supported Software Engineering Consortium comprising: Department of Computation, UMIST, Department of Computer Science, University of Durham, Department of Computer Science, Keel University.

Manchester Business School | email: info@lindamacaulay.com