about Linda Macaulay

Linda A Macaulay
Professor of System Design / Manchester Business School
The University of Manchester, Booth Street East, M15 6PB

Research Projects and Funding

User Interface Re-design for Internet Point-of-Sale

Duration:Six months (1997)
Funding body:Datafit Ltd
Project effort:4 person months
Grant value:14,400
Status:Principal investigator
Industrial collaboration:Datafit Ltd.
Consultants:Dr. Robin Blythe-Lord (Interactive Media Artist)
This project involved redesigning point of service systems for Datafit Ltd to enable the same software to be used either ‘in-store’ or on the Internet. The aim of the project was to design interfaces which would be striking at exhibitions and which would enable Datafit to differentiate the 'look and feel' of its product from others. The project also delivered a design handbook for Datafit software developers.

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